“We reckon art has returned to zero, we start from scratch.”


Learning about the term "infinity" I found it mind-broadening.
Some things are beyond human comprehension. 
This also applies to the term "zero". 

"All" and "nothing" seem to be on opposite sides of a spectrum.
Yet they share characteristics and are part of the same space. 
It's hard two make a good distinction between the two.
In a hypothetical world the concept of the two works.
It does not seem to translate to our day to day life, however.
Even though Great Questions in life revolve around them.
An empty sheet of paper only seems empty.
At a closer look the void does contain information.
Even more so, the longer you look the more you see. 
Where does this flow of data end, if it does end?

The same principle can be found in my work.
Made out of patterns that could go on infinitely.
It shows an apparent emptiness and a standstill.
The visual information is subtle and seems to appear and disappear.
Materials and techniques give the work a nuanced and sensitive signature.
Late 2015 I started with ZERO as an inspiring point for my art. 
I saw that zero and infinity are connected to each other.
They are also the subject of recent work: LUMINA, as light and darkness.
By use of color and working in various media my work is evolving.

From zero to infinity ? !

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